We offer a full service to handle your commercial removal requirements and relocate your customer's business effectively. Relocation is all about planning, communication and delivering the right result. You can depend on us.

We offer the following relocation services:

  • Agreeing your objectives for your move - we aim to understand your goals and needs.
  • Strategic planning - absolute for a successful relocation.
  • Contingency planning - back up for any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Communication - vital to ensure your needs are realized.
  • Additional services - being able to arrange the movement of unusual heavy items.
  • Building protection - use of protective materials to avoid damage to carpets, doors and vulnerable areas.
  • Crates - we will provide crates for packing of paperwork, files and stock.
  • IT Relocation - special care needed to relocate complex IT and telecoms systems.
  • Internal moves and churn - We can arrange for men and equipment to re-arrange your floor space.

Your move, assisted by us, equals customer care and quality at a competitive price.